Photography of Martin Garrido in a dark background.

Hey! I’m Martin

A multi-disciplinary human, founder, and digital designer in constant search of experiences. Former owner of hellohello and now in a mission to engage with creative products and people.

Living through a pandemic I started being more conscious of time and practice the present. I took this moment to do a retrospective of my journey and shape my goals ...

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1.  Projects

Explore my work (Branding, UX/UI)

Developing a brand that brought the synapsis of cells to automation service and consultancy innovation in bold and disruptive ways.

Project Verte (Branding, UX/UI)

An eCommerce experience helping brands’ sales growth and reduces costs. Designing Verte’s ecosystem of products and communication across platforms.

Tony Robbins (UX/UI)

Laying a new digital experience and approachability to his coaching library helping reinvent Tony’s content delivery system to people.

Variant Bio (Branding, UX/UI)

Helping biotech and therapies improve global health by studying the genes of people with a new re-branding and upgraded digital experience.

2.  Client Experience

I had the privilege of collaborating with brands and agencies around the world, helping build meaningful design solutions.

Logo of FacebookLogo of WalmartLogo of Samsung.Logo of DirectTv.Logo of World Economic ForumLogo of Merry JaneLogo of GreyOrange.Logo of OvertureLogo of SkySelectLogo of Tony Robbins.

3.  Jack Of Trade

  • I’ve been awarded by The Biennal Iberoamerican of Design in 2014 (x2) with PorMiBarrio, a platform that allows people to send reports on damages, flaws, vandalism and other problems in the city from their computer, tablet or cell phone.
  • I lived as a nomad designer for 3 years. Currently living in Montevideo, UY.
  • I play Call of Duty, I'm a content game creator and streamer.
  • Recently leave the agency world with hellohello (co-founder) to pursue new opportunities and engagements with creative products & people.

4.  Contact

I want to be valuable to people, find solutions and enjoy the process of it.

My portfolio is available only by request. Don’t hesitate to contact me to: